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Asia's Best & Fastest Growing Premium Aviation Training School - Aeronautical Engineering, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering & Cabin Crew The Best Moments For New Beginnings is Here. One Stop Destination For All Aviation Courses- SCHOOL OF AERONAUTICS, Estd : 1992 WHAT IS AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE ENGINEERING ? Training for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering program at SOA has been approved by the DGCA. The license Examination is conducted by the DGCA. The duration of training at the institute is 2 years, phased over four semesters. This 2 Years is having 2400 Hrs of planned training out of which 2050 Hrs will be in class rooms and labs, 350 will in actual maintenance environment, i.e at MRO. School of Aeronautics has tied up with Air India, which is India’s largest MRO. Total Aviation Experience requirement to obtain B 1.1 or B2 license is as per CAR 66. Different types of Avionics & Mechanical workshops give an opportunity to the student to study various theories & Practicals of Avionics & Mechanical systems of an aircraft. In short SOA provide all facilities to make a student a successful Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.. For more info visit us at
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